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5 28 The hatching starts!
by Spiffy
Oct 30, 2010 10:15:19 GMT
No New Posts Rules and Info

Along with the all important rules, this board contains lots of information about the Dragonriders of Pern and any perculiarities that this site may have on that theme. Reading is a MUST.

8 12 The Hatched (Clutch and babies list)
by Spiffy
Nov 8, 2010 19:06:07 GMT
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Sub-board: Clutch Planning Board

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You can talk about anything here

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22 116 Hi y'all
by Shiftergirl
Jan 27, 2011 3:11:33 GMT
No New Posts The Records Room

Old threads are moved here when they become inactive every month. You can find old hatchings, clutches, flights, etc. here.

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No New Posts Absences

We can't all be here 24/7, but it would be nice if you could let us now of any plans you might have for leaving us ;]

15 38 Hey
by Shiftergirl
Apr 18, 2011 22:39:20 GMT
No New Posts Advertise and Affiliation

This board is the only place I will allow you to advertise on this site. Adverts found anywhere else will be deleted.

Advertising : OPEN
Affiliation : OPEN

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183 220 Dalibor Weyr
by Digitalis
Aug 2, 2015 21:51:08 GMT


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No New Posts Creation

This is where you post your characters profiles, to be accepted. The form to fill out and any additional information regarding characters can also be found stickied here.

4 5 Character Creation Guide!
by Dragon Song
Aug 23, 2010 19:05:49 GMT
No New Posts Acceptance

All the accepted character profile sheets will be moved here and sorted into their appropriate categories.

Sub-boards: Dragon Riders, Weyrlings, Basilisk Riders, Candidates, Weyrfolk, Dragonless, Holdfolk, Other

27 42 Jessie: Dragonless: Female
by Spiffy
Jan 16, 2011 12:30:00 GMT

SkyLine Weyr

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No New Posts Weyrbowl

The Weyrbowl is more long in shape than it is round, and fairly narrow, making it easy to see the dragon in the weyr opposite yours, but difficult from the peak to the other end of the valley. One of the longer sides is also higher than the other, overlooking it with a good view of the Hold on the plains far below. Most of the lower caverns are situated on the lower side, while the higher is occupied by the dragons and their riders.

6 43 Trying to forget
by Jester
Mar 18, 2011 17:02:19 GMT
No New Posts Riders Weyrs

Mostly situated along the northern side of the Weyrbowl, the riders weyrs are large and relatively open. As of yet only the lower levels have hot running water, but there isn't really a need for more weyrs as of yet so there are no plans to make more.

1 5 Game Night ( open to all )
by Seraph
Oct 19, 2010 18:46:42 GMT
No New Posts Stables

The first structure one would come to when approaching by the ground entrance is the stables, just before the entrance to the Weyrbowl. The individual stalls are large and spacious, if roughly made. The pastures are by the feeding grounds, green space being at a premium.

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No New Posts Feeding Grounds

Just outside the Weyr proper, the feeding grounds are the only green space between the Weyr and the Hold, covering approximately 3 acres or relatively flat land, considering it's in the middle of a mountain range.

2 9 *lost in THOUGHT (TAG: DS)
by Dragon Song
Sept 22, 2010 19:45:47 GMT
No New Posts Lower caverns

A network of tunnels burrowing deep into the southern side of the caldera make up the lower caverns. The largest of these is the kitchen complex, halfway up the sides of the cliff, with the barracks and sleeping quarters nearby.

Sub-board: Kitchens

9 106 Harper's Hope
by Seraph
Jan 10, 2011 14:23:59 GMT
No New Posts Hot Springs

Deep down in the rock, heated by the same system as the hatching sands, the hot springs are beneath the barracks. Used for bathing and recreation, they are a popular place for friends to meet up.

2 46 Old News, New Day (Open)
by Seraph
Mar 21, 2011 10:54:00 GMT
No New Posts Weyrling Barracks

Bunks line either side of this wide cavern, interspaced with sizeable depressions for the growing dragonets. There are separate caverns for boys and girls, with a largish common room leading directly to the Weyrbowl.

1 7 Smile (open)
by Spiffy
Jan 7, 2011 20:18:36 GMT
No New Posts Candidate barracks

Smaller than the Weyrling barracks, but similar in structure, the candidate barracks are the closest part of the caverns to the hatching cavern, giving the candidates quick and easy access when the hatching time comes.

3 5 Uprooted...again (OPEN)
by Seraph
Oct 16, 2010 19:25:16 GMT
No New Posts Infirmary

Next to the hatching cavern, the infirmary sports a large entrance - big enough for even the largest gold to fit through. Inside is equally impressive, with many bunks and depressions for the infirm weyrfold, dragons and riders alike, each depression with its own bunk beside it for the pairs to sleep together. Stocks are a little low at the moment, unfortunately, and the healers welcome any wiling to go on collection explorations around the continent.

3 22 What Help
by Seraph
Mar 21, 2011 11:02:37 GMT
No New Posts Hatching Cavern

As impressive as the infirmary is, it is dwarfed by the hatching cavern. the entrance is huge, sunk deep into the rock at the far end of the caldera valley, extending deep underground to the sands. The walls are rough, but wide enough for a dragon to comfortably fly down to the sands, though turning would be near impossible for the larger ranks. The sands themselves are not as vast as the entrance would make believe, comfortably fitting two queens simultaneously. The stands are still very rough, awaiting completion.

3 39 Ties That Bind ((1st Hatching))
by Spiffy
Nov 3, 2010 17:07:38 GMT

Western Continent

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No New Posts Horizon Hold

The Hold sits at the very base of the mountain range, where it tails off into hills and finally into the rolling grasslands of the Plains. I is mostly set into the hills, but there is already an extensive collection of buildings spilling out onto the grasslands, with one mains roads heading north to the Dolphineer Cave and Skyline Weyr.

1 21 Hall and Hold
by klinneah
Oct 1, 2010 16:33:53 GMT
No New Posts The Dolphineer Hall

Set almost equidistant between Weyr and Hold, the Dolphineer Hall is situated in a large cave in the cliffs bordering the sea. The cave entrance is wide and low, but is accessible by sea in all but the lowest tides. The aboveground entrance is rather harder to find, and is basically a hole in the ground below a tree, with a few stables and other buildings scattered about it.

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No New Posts The Rift Mountains

A vast mountain range, or ranges really, arranged either side of the Rift Sea splitting the two halves of the Western Continent. High, rocky and cold, these mountains experience the worst of the violent weather that sweeps the west often, especially the norther parts. Skyline Weyr is situated in the southernmost part of the western range.

1 1 'Splorin' ~ [open]
by Seraph
Jan 25, 2011 13:11:52 GMT
No New Posts Eastern Desert

This vast desert covers the majority of the eastern half of the Western Continent, merging into the ice sheets of the north. This land is never exactly hot, even the southern reaches only receive temperate temperatures, and is flat save for the dunes at the interior.

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No New Posts The Forests

The north of the continent is heavily forested; thick pine and spruce forest backs the mountain range to the far north, fading into the great hardwoods further south, eventually spilling out onto the Plains. Despite being one of the most beautiful parts of the continent, it is among one of the least explored.

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No New Posts The Plains

Occupying the southern half of the continent, it is this great plain that Horizon Hold backs onto. From the forests of the north to the coast of the south east and west, there are undulating hills covered in rich grass, criss crossed by rivers. It is here that life is most abundant in the west, as the land is fertile and the temperatures warm. A few small cotholds have sprung up here recently.

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No New Posts Ichani

Where the secret plot stuff happens ;)

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